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Yelena Dent is a life coach, speaker and Certified Magdalena energy healing practitioner.


Yelena was born and grew up in Ukraine. She lived in Israel as well. She has lived in the US since 2005. She speaks Russian and English. Yelena has Bachelor degree in Accounting and Master Degree in Economics.

Yelena serves as an owner and hairstylist at Yelena Styles salon. Starting in 2006, she has become an expert in straight and curly hair. 

Since 2002, Yelena has served as a life coach, speaker and energy practitioner internationally offering individual and couple coaching sessions, energy healing sessions, presentations, group workshops and Mary Magdalena meditation gatherings. 


Using her personal life experience and wisdom, Yelena inspires and educates by merging eastern and western knowledge and traditions with the latest scientific studies and healthy psychology.


She is dedicated and passionate about bringing transformation to deeply rooted emotional, mental and physical patterns to elevate every day life experience and offers powerful healing practices that enhance the connection with the spirit.


Yelena passionately supports empowerment of women with different backgrounds and cultures.


Powerful and precise. Yelena Dent is a delightful and potent presence. She embody's truth and action in her own life and serves her clients from that platform. With compassion Yelena meets the individual in their experience to help draw from them their Soul's voice. She delivers highly adaptable teachings with convictions coming from her own experience, while using her own intuitive powers to help nudge and facilitate the individual towards truth. Yelena is a worker in the light. I have highly benefited from my time with her and would advise my friends and family to utilize all that she has to offer!

~ Ryan

Yelena, I am so grateful for you and the clarity that you have brought into my life through your work. Your wisdom, dedication and love have profoundly shifted me. I am more loving, forgiving, mindful, and grateful because of your work! I can never thank you enough for the awareness that your work brought me or how it expanded me. Your work is BIG and transforming, exceeding any expectation I had! I admire your commitment to healing. You will always be a shining star in my life! Thank you! With much love and gratitude,

~ Aurelia

Yelena has a rare gift of insight and coaching skills. I recommend her to anyone searching for their truth. 

~ Stanley

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