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Couples Coaching Sessions

Relationships can create tremendous joy or intense suffering. Often they start out fulfilling but end up dissatisfying. 

It's possible to heal difficult relationships and create a joyful, loving, intimate partnership. 

There is a way to communicate from the heart that inspires 

transformation to occur in couples and brings about immense healing as well as a more deeply loving, empowering and satisfying relationship.


Yelena has created a blossoming, intimate and strong partnership with her husband for the last 13 years. The foundation of their relationship is based on love, compassion, joy and purpose.


Using her personal life experience, profound wisdom and spiritual practices Yelena guides couples towards a place of sharing, openness, freedom in self-expression, satisfaction and fulfillment.

Each session with Yelena is 1 hour and 15 minutes in person, phone or by Zoom.

Yelena starts working by offering free 10 min initial consultation.

Contact Yelena here

Yelena Dent coaching
Investment is $188/hr

The tools Yelena gave me really did change my life. They made me a better person, they help me be the person I always wanted to be. They really did help me with every aspect of my life. I use all the tools she had taught me every single day and I am so happy I had the amazing opportunity of having Yelena in my life. If you meet her, don't hesitate, use her services, you won't regret it, it's a life changer.

~ Shani

I always look forward to speaking with Yelena and feel a renewed sense of clarity after our sessions. She is wise, compassionate and truly dedicated to personal transformation in both her own life and that of her clients. I appreciate her directness and ability to inspire me to create more balance and gratitude on my path to healing. Yelena has consistently been a shining light and I would highly recommend seeking out her services if you are feeling stuck. She is always professional, organized and focused during our sessions and I consider it a blessing to know her!


Yelena is a spiritual powerhouse, full of wisdom, kindness and tenacious volition. Her coaching is concise and clarifying. Don't pass her by.


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