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Last Month

Live Online Class!

Be Bold! Be Passionate!

Be the Best of You!


Deep teachings and deep work in abundance today with Yelena! I feel cared for and heard in the workshop — even before I show up! This is because of all the preparations she makes for a very productive and professional group experience! ~ Lindsay

Today was a very powerful class, I really enjoyed it. It got deep... super deep. I allowed a lot of emotions and helped begin the healing of a lot of things. I am definitely going to take everything that Yelena taught today and keep it close because it helps instantly. I especially liked the baggage exercises. Thank you for this wonderful experience! ~ Matt

10% from each ticket will be donated to women empowerment organization Sai Maa Women's Center and Shelter in India

Live Online Class


Claim Your Abundance! It's Your Birthright!


I have enjoyed the abundance workshop. It has helped me get a clearer vision on what abundance is and realize what stand in my way of receiving it. I got a few techniques on transforming negative energy into positive. I had also created my vision board and filled it with feelings that are associated with each photo. I organized my short, mid, and long term goals and have a plan of action in place to make it come to life.  ~Dasha 

I was struggling to get started on goals for my year but Yelena offered this workshop on abundance where I danced, chanted, faced some of my worst fears, wrote about goals, and began creating a vision board to shape my future desires. I feel much more supported and capable of achieving my goals now! 🙂  ~Lisa

I loved how Yelena's abundance workshop addressed multiple pieces of the puzzle... the conditioning, the limiting beliefs, how we define abundance.  It helped me mine out a major revelation around what is at the root of my resistance to doing the things that are necessary in my life and business. Yelena provided a safe space with her compassion and love, welcoming our emotions, questions, and even triggers. Thank you, Yelena!  ~Bethany

Yelena is a compassionate and loving coach. She helps us remember that we are deserving of love, health, and abundance... That we can each manifest that.  ~Melanie

I found Yelena Dent's workshop, Claiming Your Abundance, valuable in my life's journey. She helped me and the entire group understand how limiting patterns can easily sabotage our successes and relationships. For me, learning how to transform my limiting patterns, using love and choice, into behavior that supports my life's purpose is a true blessing. ~ Bruce

This workshop provided me with tools to identify negative qualities and patterns in my personality and transform them into positive qualities and patterns. This workshop helped me to end my relationship with negative patterns and live with more abundance and happiness! ~ Kathleen

It was an enjoyable workshop full of discoveries about the consciousness, and its patterns. Yelena's guidelines were easy-to-follow and detailed. With any negative pattern I encounter, whether it's inside or outside source, now I know how to cope with it. ~ Kate

10% from each registration will be donated to empowerment women organization Sai Maa Women's Center and Shelter in India.

Online Live Class


Live a Juicy Life



This class was amazing. I felt absolutely uplifted and in love. It helped me embody a lot of qualities I’ve known were with me but had a hard time bringing to light. I feel so much joy and gratitude and so much forgiveness. I feel whole and complete. I feel confident. Every workshop I’ve been to is amazing. I’ve always been somewhat resistant to sign up but I do and I can’t think of anything I’d rather do with my time. ~ Pauline


I was a part of the “Live a Juicy Life workshop” & It reminded me of what I have to keep my focus on in order to keep on moving to the next level. It made me realize that all that I desire for is within the reach of my hand. I released a lot of unnecessary energy that I have been holding on to, and rejuvenated myself with freshly new light energy. Got to learn a couple of new techniques on how to unhook myself from attachment and past conflicts. Learned about what Quantum means and how it serves us.  ~ Dasha 💝

Delicious! Thank you for the juicy practices today. I feel a leap in my energy from our sharing together.  ~ Lindsay


10% from each registration will be donated to empowerment women organization Sai Maa Women's Center and Shelter in India.

Discover Your Inner Guidance

Online Video Course


You receive access to the link of any video webinar or all 6 of them when you register.

The fast speed of every day life often keeps us away from nurturing our inner Light and intuition. We easily can get lost in the distractions of the world, feeling stressed and disconnected. It happens day after day, year after year.

Who am I? Why am I here? What's next? Is there anything else for me here? We ask ourselves sometimes loud, sometimes quietly with no hope.

You can watch and study 1 session a week.

6 weeks or approximately 40 days is a sacred number to transform or develop any habit. Join Yelena for this powerful spiritual awakening journey and discover your NEW and EMPOWERED Self. You will:

  • learn or deepen practice of meditation

  • train the mind to be focused

  • find, nurture and sustain your Light within

  • grow your intuition and inner guidance

  • explore practical tools for every day to live with clarity, purpose and harmony

You will have access to webinars at any time.

You can purchase the Entire Course. Your Investment is $197 (save $145)
Or you can invest in specific sessions. Each session is $57.

Here is what people are saying about this online course:

  I have been working with Yelena in my spiritual journey for almost a year now. Today, I want to bring attention to the guidance I received through her recent six session online course. It was clear her goal in developing this course “Discover Your Inner Guidance” was to help her participants gain confidence in their abilities as they work toward enlightenment.

  I find Yelena’s approach to be especially engaging in my journey. Her gentle guidance and knowledge help me dig deep into my own possibilities. It is truly a blessing. Yelena also has the ability to see through my resistance and struggles; to help me see my actions in a more realistic light, helping me to live more authentically.

  One of the best things about this online course is that I have access to review each of the sessions after the course. I find myself going back occasionally to re-experience the session. Every time I discover new material that is relevant and important to me.

  I find Yelena to be trusted guide as I journey along my path of spiritual self discovery. I recommend that if you are serious about your own journey you contact Yelena and explore how she might be able to guide you.

~ Bruce

I'm grateful to Yelena for the practical and powerful teachings in the Discover Your Inner Guidance online series. Each week we discovered new levels of self-mastery and daily practices to deepen our relationship with Self. Thank you for the Love and Joy in each of these professional videos! I'll be watching them again and again!

~ Lindsay

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