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Parent Coaching

Yelena stands for creating a legacy of enlightened generations to come. 

She offers powerful mindfulness and healing practices that bring about transformation to deeply rooted emotional, mental and physical patterns. Yelena supports parents to evolve spiritually, bring liberation from pain and suffering and fulfill their role model for children.

Using her personal life experience and wisdom, Yelena inspires and educates by merging eastern and western knowledge and traditions with the latest scientific studies and healthy psychology.

Yelena inspires parents through personal coaching, mindfulness workshops, meditation practices and energetic healing work to discover and live their highest full potential and to activate this potential in their children.

Often relationships among family members are dysfunctional with perpetuating cycle of disempowerment. Parents will learn how to create empowered family relationships, starting with their own empowerment. 

This inner work will restore and fulfill the true purpose, harmony, peace, love and joy of close family relationships that will feed and liberate new generation. In this way children will have a chance to fearlessly live their wildest dreams.

Parents will become better parents for their children and children will become better children for community.

One or both parents coaching session is 1 hour

Investment is $150

Today I talked with my daughter's school counselor and he told me that so rarely does he meet a young girl that has gone through difficult life changes and keep such a strong head on her shoulder. This is reassuring as my daughter will be going into High School next year and it is clear that she does not have a victim mentality. She takes ownership of her life and consistently shows qualities of respect and gratitude. I know that Yelena has a strong hand in this, with her beautiful way of shedding light towards the path of higher living. Every time my daughter has finished a session with Yelena she is beaming with light and has big smiles across her face. Thank you Yelena! You are a gift!

~ Aurelia

As a young child, I would read the Value's Book, a collection of books about important people and their virtues. They were like mini lessons on how to become a better person, plus I got to learn about people like Amelia Earhart and Thomas Edison. A few years later, my mom introduces me to my new life coach, Yelena. Yelena helped me go through my own struggles and brought a deeper understanding to my value system. As a thirteen years old girl, I think it's pretty cool to have someone like Yelena guiding and encouraging me to grow. It's also neat that her time and teachings not only benefit adults, but also younger people like me! Yelena is wise, understanding, funny, and she truly cares! 

~ Chloe

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