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Yelena's Public Speaking and Workshops

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I experienced Yelena’s presentation and meditation session at the Colorado Translators Association Conference in April 2019. 

It was quite spirited and dynamic, but at the same moment relaxing time. We danced, laughed, meditated, and had a good time as a community. 

Yelena is an engaging and confident speaker, and very natural in her talk. She built rapport with audience with her high-energy burst. I hope her kind and joyful message touched many hearts. 

It was a great moment for me to reenergize my mind after a long conference day full of sessions, and to get ready for the evening networking. 

I recommend Yelena’s services for business leaders who want to introduce a self-help tool – meditation – to their team members in order to teach them how to control stress and anxiety, enhance the self-awareness, and bring more kindness and love not only within the office environment but also in their lives in general.  ~  Ekaterina Avdeeva

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