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ThanksGiving Gift

3-week Guided Meditation Recordings

#1 Thanksgiving heart Nov 9, 2020Yelena
00:00 / 24:36
#2 Thanksgiving Heart 2020Yelena
00:00 / 26:49
#3 Thanksgiving Heart 2020Yelena
00:00 / 31:10

Dearest friend,


Thanksgiving Gift for You!


The upcoming time of ThanksGiving is very precious to me as it is a reminder about phenomenal healing power of GRATITUDE and living from the HEART! 

A perfect time to pause and reflect on what you are grateful for. 

Take the practice of gratitude to the next level and offer gratitude to people, situations or things that at first sight you might not appreciate. You might find a true gift there for yourself, a lesson to be grateful for, or awareness about what truly matters. 


Because of this special time I'd like to express my gratitude to you for your heart and courage of living your life by gifting you a live 30 minutes guided meditation on gratitude.


With joy and gratitude,


Listen to the last two years recorded meditations "ThanksGiving Heart". Enjoy!

#1 Guided MeditationThanksGiving Gift
00:00 / 14:17
#2 Guided MeditationThanksGiving Gift
00:00 / 13:34
#3 Compassion - guided meditationThanksGiving Gift
00:00 / 17:09
#1 ThanksGiving HeartYelena
#2 ThanksGiving HeartYelena
#3 ThanksGiving HeartYelena
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