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Align Yourself with Limitless Reality


Saturday, January 25th 10am-3pm

Check in 9:40am. Lunch included.

1229 S Dallas court, Denver, CO 80247


Because of the childhood and the environment that we grow up there are some old patterns of thinking embedded in our consciousness. Sometimes these thoughts can takes us to some dark places and we end up in negative, even painful situations. 

If subtle we may not be aware of the influence these thoughts and feelings have on our everyday life. If severe these old negative thoughts and feelings may be difficult to manage and cause limitations of who we are and what we can do. 

These negative patterns inhibit the joy, fulfillment and love we can experience and lead to a more stressful lifestyle, failure in professional life, and dysfunctional relationships.



Join Yelena for this 5-hour practical workshop to:

  • become aware of an old limited paradigm subscriptions of limiting patterns and how to unsubscribe from them

  • learn practical tools to consciously subscribe to the reality that excites and moves you

  • receive personal coaching on a spot

  • create a vision and embody New Limitless You 

  • put together an action plan to bring your Limitless Reality LIVE. 

10% from each registration will be donated to empowerment women organization Sai Maa Women's Center and Shelter in India.


The September Workshop

Clear Your Energy for Something Greater

has brought new awareness and helped participants to clear the energies that didn't serve them to become more available to their own potential, be more open, courageous and active.


I left this workshop feeling recharged. Yelena is graceful and inspiring in the way that she shares her wisdom. I don't know a single person that couldn't benefit from spending time with a group of people discussing the best ways to stay centered, communicate, and continue to turn out and share the best version of themselves. Thank you, Yelena! ~ Maddie


Yelena’s Dare to be Your Authentic Unique Self was powerful. I found the content to be valuable and centered on my life. I truly appreciated how Yelena invited all the participants to share their life experiences. I think this sharing added a new level of relevance to the experience for everyone. I left inspired and with tools to help me reach deeper into my spiritual journey. I’ll continue to be regular. ~ Bruce

Participants of the workshop:

  • Became aware of the limiting fear-based patterns such as sabotage, control, scarcity, etc. and their detrimental role in blocking the abundance and prosperity

  • Understood the necessity in accepting what is to attract the flow of life itself

  • Activated the patterns that liberate us to fully participate in life

  • Made an action plan to anchor and deepen liberating patterns of abundance

  • Created consciousness to become successful in the world

I found Yelena Dent's latest workshop, Claiming Your Abundance, valuable in my life's journey. She helped me and the entire group understand how limiting patterns can easily sabotage our successes and relationships. For me, learning how to transform my limiting patterns, using love and choice, into behavior that supports my life's purpose is a true blessing. ~ Bruce

This workshop provided me with tools to identify negative qualities and patterns in my personality and transform them into positive qualities and patterns. This workshop helped me to end my relationship with negative patterns and live with more abundance and happiness! ~ Kathleen

It was an enjoyable workshop full of discoveries about the consciousness, and its patterns. Yelena's guidelines were easy-to-follow and detailed. With any negative pattern I encounter, whether it's inside or outside source, now I know how to cope with it. ~ Kate

Access the Freedom Within Workshop

brought a new level of emotional freedom for each participant

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