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Body and Soul Energy Work

Body and Soul energy work is an exquisite and powerful divine experience of anchoring soul’s light into the physical body. 

Body contains memories. This energy work allows to raise the frequency of our entire being so the healing on a cellular level can take place naturally.


Yelena is starting the work with balancing and purification of the subtle bodies (etheric, emotional, mental, etc. ) and chakras (vortexes of energy).

This process clears everything of the low nature transforming what doesn’t serve you anymore. It will allow for the Divine Light to travel freer within the physical body. The Light will anchor itself in each cell and molecule transforming negativity.


Body and Soul energy work results in clarity, harmony and peace in our thoughts, emotions and actions.


This work brings strength, vitality and aliveness to body functioning supporting mind, body and spirit to be in the awakened alignment with the Higher Consciousness.


These energy sessions assist the person in their next level of expansion, spiritual evolution, intuition and awareness. They help to anchor a deeper alignment with their essence as well as maintain healthy and enlightened lifestyle.


Yelena works with the divine light presence which is the highest intelligence that knows exactly where to go.

Investment is $144 per person. Session is 1 hour. It’s done in person at Yelena's healing studio (see the direction below). energy work

Investment is $144

Call or text Yelena at 720-690-1011 to schedule and for any questions


Yelena's healing studio - 1229 S. Dallas Court, Denver, CO 80247. There are parking spaces next to mailboxes on a corner of Alabama and Dallas. Welcome!

For any clarifications call Yelena 720-690-1011.



My experience with Yelena's energetic healing was exquisite and powerful. During the session, I felt like I was being enveloped in cocoon of well being. My body and mind were in a complete state of relaxation, that allowed me to become aware of the delicious healing light being poured on me, pulsating like waves throughout my body. As I became more in tune with the sensations on my body, the here was a moment when I felt like a heavy, round weight plate had been set on top of my abdomen. That sensation completely dissipated towards the end of the healing session.

After my healing session was done, Yelena explained to me what areas of my energetic body required the most light work.

What struck me the most was when she mention that she sensed a lot of anger in my solar plexus and that throughout the session she felt the need to come back to it and pour light until it finally cleared up. Everything she described to me was a perfect match to all the bodily sensations I felt during my session! 

The emotional healing that I gained as a result of my energetic healing session with Yelena has been grand. I had been dealing for a number of years with unhealthy patterns that are now completely dissolved. It is a great feeling of liberation!

Yelena is a very powerful healer and I am so grateful that she is sharing her gifts with the world. ~ Jessica


The energy session expanded my spiritual and physical awareness in a lasting way. During the evening, I felt all of my chakras expanding with joy. The flow of the energy was like a dance! I felt free to celebrate my body and my soul at the same time. After the session, the freedom continued. My body is able to do more in yoga and I feel lighter and more ease in my day. Walking is even more joyous! ~Lindsay

Since the first time I met Yelena, I felt this beautiful calming energy field around her that made me feel relaxed and uplifted at the same time. So when she mentioned later her healing energy sessions, I immediately scheduled one. At that time I've been experiencing some bothersome physical symptoms that traditional treatments didn't seem to help. My body felt out of balance, and sometimes anxiety and nausea would show up unexpectedly.

When I came for a session, we meditated first to prepare for our work together. While beautiful relaxing music was playing, I already started feeling lightness and tingling in my body as if her energy was already working with me.

After lying down on a table, I immediately felt transported in a different world. I saw bright colors and images, I felt that Yelena was removing heavy energy from areas of my body without touching it, and filling other parts with light warm streams of energy. She intuitively  knew exactly what to do. After the session I didn't want to leave! My heart was filled with joy, my body felt light and pure. We talked about our session, and it helped me further to understand what was going on before with my body and energy field.

I slept like a baby the night after,and I felt that the energy kept working with me for more than a week after the session. My symptoms improved dramatically, I feel more balanced and centered, and my anxiety totally disappeared. I am so immensely grateful to Yelena for her beautiful gift, and I hope that others will have a chance to experience her healing magic for themselves. Thank you, Yelena, from all my heart!!!! ~Elena

My 12 year old son and I did together an energetic healing session with Yelena. My son's nervous system benefited so much from the light work that he has completely stopped the habit of biting his nails, a habit that he had started around the time his father and I got divorced. It was amazing for me to see this change in son after just one session with Yelena! ~ Jessica

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