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Mary Magdalena Meditation Gatherings in Denver

group meditations with Yelena Dent

Next Meditation Night is on Tuesday, May 21st 7-8:30pm 2019! Keep in touch!


Mary Magdalena's presence transcends our knowingness. A beloved and devoted disciple of Jesus Christ, Mary is re-emerging in our civilization today, guiding us through global transformation.

We are conscious community, which takes charge of our lives starting with ourselves.

~ Experience peace, focus, empowerment, balance, tenderness, grace.

~ Be with like-hearted souls in community.

~ Explore what life could look like with unshakable faith, unwavering courage, and being love in action.

The evening includes guided meditation, sharing, exploring, mindfulness practices, music and chanting with fantastic community offered by Yelena Dent, Life coach and Certified Magdalena Energy Practitioner.


Spread the word! Bring your friends!

Donations are greatly appreciated.

3rd Tuesday of each month 7-8:30pm you are warmly invited to join Yelena for Magdalena meditation group nights at her home.



Yelena's home - 1229 S Dallas Court, Denver, CO 80247 (near Mississippi and Dayton).

There are parking spaces next to mailboxes on a corner of Alabama and Dallas. Welcome!

For any clarifications call/text Yelena 720-690-1011.

About Meditation

  • It's so hard to break a habit. We acquire some reflex actions as a result of our encounters with certain situations in life. To change them, you need to develop control over your mind. And, the best way to do so is to practice meditation. It brings your mind to a state of peace. A peaceful mind is more powerful than the strongest weapon you can ever think of.

  • Meditation is an important part of a productive and successful lifestyle for many.

  • Meditation brings balance in the two hemispheres of the brain, which reflects in everything we think, feel and do.

  • It relaxes the nervous system, rejuvenates our body and heals the soul. 

  • Our life becomes more enjoyable, balanced and peaceful as a result of meditating.

  • The recognition of the power of this tool grows each year. Together let's create a healthy, enliven and enlightened lifestyle for each of us!

Here's what people are saying about community meditation nights:


I'd like to thank Yelena Dent for her monthly community meditations nights and her commitment to serve others. A meditation is a great opportunity to nourish the mind and the body with positive vibes and energy in order to stay focused, loving and positive in a busy life. It's time to take care of yourself! See ya'll. ~ Kate

I am a regular at Yelena’s Guided Meditation Night. Yelena is a master at sensing the needs of her community. For me, she holds the space for a meditation journey connecting me to my deeper spirit while inviting the energy of the community into the room. I look forward to gathering each month to connect with like-minded people and gain the wisdom and balance offered through Yelena’s guidance. ~ Bruce

Meditation with Yelena Dent allows me to face my fears and choose a more love focused life. I am greeted and embraced with warmth, happiness and positivity. We identify impediments to peace, joy and love through meditation, chanting, singing, discussion and sometimes dancing! The supportive group environment is amplified by Yelena's strong yet gentle leadership and guidance. I go into the week feeling invigorated with hope for success in facing my future! ~ Lisa 


Meditation night is a home away from home where I can share and experience in an energy that rejuvenates my soul. The practices we do together relate directly to whatever kind of high or low I'm at in my life. Being a part of a community gives me a sense of support unlike any other.   ~ Lynette


Meditation nights at Yelena's house are lovely! The meditation room is beautifully decorated and the energy is very peaceful and welcoming. The groups are usually small and the sessions are intimate. In addition, Yelena's guided meditations are the best! I really recommend you to try it out!   ~ Jessica


Please note: We take photos of our events for social media, so be aware that images from the gatherings may be shared online.

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