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Life Coaching and Consciousness Healing Sessions

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself – Leo Tolstoy

Empowered by her own life experiences and her decades of study, Yelena is passionate about bringing permanent change to her client's lives. Working with men and women through a variety of coaching and healing practices, she educates, guides, and inspires transformation. 

Yelena's teaching practices motivate action, enabling self-awareness and focus that result in altering destructive patterns and habits. Addressing the laws of vibration, she supports the empowerment of her clients. Together they amplify their love and energy, regaining purpose, focus, and commitment. By bringing deeply rooted emotional, mental, and physical patterns to the surface, she moves her clients beyond barriers to experience their own, powerful potential and healing.

Dedicated to the study and practice of the most advanced energy technology, Yelena committed to the benefits of merging eastern and western knowledge and traditions, with the latest scientific studies and healthy mentality. Skilled in a variety of different healing modalities, she is certified in Magdalena Energy healing and leverage the latest technologies, such as the Healy device and NXI machine to aide in her transformational work.

🔷 Find purpose and potential
🔷 Address limiting beliefs through quantum healing
🔷 Transform negativity and limitations
🔷 Eliminate destructive habits
🔷 Support and clear the physicality and energetic systems | Chakra | Subtle Bodies
🔷 Awakening love and compassion for themselves and others
🔷 Healy device representative

Through consistent work, you can build the momentum toward quantum awakening to achieve your own, powerful healing.


Yelena starts working by offering free 10 min initial consultationContact Yelena and request the consultation here.

Each session is $110/hour one on one coaching weekly/biweekly, once a three weeks or once a month with Yelena in person, on a phone, or Zoom/Skype/Facetime.

Yelena is working with all ages starting with 12 years old.

Contact Yelena here

Investment is $110 / hr


Powerful and precise. Yelena Dent is a delightful and potent presence. She embodies truth and action in her own life and serves her clients from that platform. With compassion Yelena meets the individual in their experience to help draw from them their Soul's voice. She delivers highly adaptable teachings with convictions coming from her own experience, while using her own intuitive powers to help nudge and facilitate the individual towards truth. Yelena is a worker in the light. I have highly benefited from my time with her and would advise my friends and family to utilize all that she has to offer!

~ Ryan


Yelena's personal sessions are very touching and openhearted. I'm still amazed how confidently Yelena guided me through times when my mind was ready to explode due to family, school, job and volunteering duties. During those turbulence moments I was able to keep my life in balance with more focused mind. Now, I actively use techniques that were introduced to me along the sessions, which help me expand my spirit and embrace new opportunities. 

~ Kate

Yelena, as a life coach and now friend, has totally transformed my life for the better.  I am certain that God led me to her - when I was visiting Denver and was a walk in client at her hair salon that I happened into one day.  Her openness and love allowed us to immediately connect, and she had the kindness and magnitude of spirit to listen deeply to me at the darkest point in my life and to invite me into a healing, expansive spiritual communion and growth.   Her wisdom and love became the lifeline from God that was the basis for the transformation of my life into a place of light and love that I have never known before.  We continue our weekly sessions a year later, even long distance, and she has given me more insight - and more practical tools for growth - than any psychiatrist or therapist.  And she is willing to raise the tough questions and challenging comments too, prompting the sometimes deeper movement, always from a place of love.  I know my family members and friends have witnessed the positive difference and changes in me since I started learning from Yelena.  Without reservation, I would highly recommend Yelena to anyone who wishes to have a wise, loving hand of friendship and support in their spiritual journey. 

~ Ben Martin, Los Angeles


The tools Yelena gave me really did change my life. They made me a better person, they help me be the person I always wanted to be. They really did help me with every aspect of my life. I use all the tools she had taught me every single day and I am so happy I had the amazing opportunity of having Yelena in my life. If you meet her, don't hesitate, use her services, you won't regret it, it's a life changer.

~ Shani

I always look forward to speaking with Yelena and feel a renewed sense of clarity after our sessions. She is wise, compassionate and truly dedicated to personal transformation in both her own life and that of her clients. I appreciate her directness and ability to inspire me to create more balance and gratitude on my path to healing. Yelena has consistently been a shining light and I would highly recommend seeking out her services if you are feeling stuck. She is always professional, organized and focused during our sessions and I consider it a blessing to know her!


Yelena is a spiritual powerhouse, full of wisdom, kindness and tenacious volition. Her coaching is concise and clarifying. You'd be foolish to pass her by.


Yelena Dent is expert in conducting coaching sessions. She is sensitive and knowledgeable. She helps one understand issues and deal with them in a constructive way. I highly recommend her as a personal coach. 

~ C

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