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Mary Magdalena Energy Healing Sessions

In general, energy work offers an opportunity to experience ourselves as more than a physical and mental being. We have the opportunity to experience ourselves in a peaceful, expanded state which can bring benefits to our bodies, minds, and spirits.  


A Magdalena Energy Session is an opportunity to experience the specific vibrational frequencies of Mary Magdalena. Mary Magdalena is known throughout the world as the disciple who was the first witness to the resurrected Christ. Her energies include the healing frequencies of oneness, peace, devotion, and tenderness.

Yelena is a Certified Magdalena Energy Practitioner, who after intensive studying and learning through direct experience, embodies the high frequencies of the Magdalena energies. 


As a certified practitioner, Yelena can emanate the Magdalena frequencies in any setting, and in a Magdalena Energy Session, Yelena functions as a clear vessel for the energies to come through as a conduit, working with a set protocol. energy work

Investment is $155

Call or text Yelena at 720-690-1011 to schedule and for any questions

Magdalena certificate

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Magdalena Energy Session?

Practically speaking, a Magdalena Energy Session is a set appointed time between Yelena as a practitioner and client where they meet in person in a quiet, very sacred, space as Yelena's healing studio, or remotely. Clients lay on a treatment table or comfortably at home in a relaxed state, or in some instances are supported in a chair if that is more comfortable. Clients stay fully clothed. Yelena works around the client, with her hands a few inches away from the body, moving hands in a specific sequence for portions of the session. The energy work occurs in the client’s energy system (or subtle anatomy) including the energetic layers around the body (sometimes called the aura) and chakras. Yelena may also work energetically with organs and various systems of the body.

Can I receive Magdalena Energy Session remotely?

Yes, it is the same session being done remotely. Clients lay down comfortably at home at a set appointed time for about 35-40 minutes. Yelena works in the same manner as for session in person.

How can I expect to feel during and after my session?

The Magdalena frequencies are new to the planet, and as such, we are together exploring a new frontier in energies. Clients are reporting feeling deep tenderness and love, calm and relaxation. There is a range of experience that is as unique as we are to each other. The experience can be intense or subtle. Occasionally, energy work can be intense; it is essential that you convey any discomfort of any kind to your practitioner. Some experience heat, cold, or sensations of ripples, cascades or waves of energy rippling throughout the body. Some sleep, some rest, some keep their eyes open. A common outcome of energy work, in general, is the release of stress and enhanced peace and calm. 

Energy sessions are always unique, even for the same client. Whatever occurs is perfect for you. It is possible that changes occur before the session and beyond the session as time moves onward.

How should I prepare for a session?

To physically prepare, we recommend you hydrate well for the 24 hours before, and ensure that you have eaten a light meal (not a heavy meal that will tax the body’s digestive function) before your session. Avoid alcohol and any recreational drugs for at least 24 hours prior.

Before your session, you will meet or connect with Yelena. Please share any physical needs or discomforts you have, and your preferences for music, temperature, etc. (if your session is in person). Yelena will explain how a session is conducted in more detail and answer any questions you have.

What should I wear?

Loose, comfortable clothing is recommended. We ask that you avoid heavy perfumes and lotions if possible. Yelena can place your jewelry and glasses nearby for you. You will remove your shoes and eyeglasses.

What do I do during a session?

There is nothing you need to do during your session, no efforting in any way. The more you can be open to the experience that is unfolding and simply allow, the more satisfying the session will be. If you feel discomfort of any kind (too hot, music too loud, emotional or physical disturbance, etc.) it is essential to share this with Yelena immediately.

What do I do after a session?

It is advisable to build in rest time after your session and drink plenty of water (purified or spring water preferred). 


Yelena's healing studio - 1229 S. Dallas Court, Denver, CO 80247. There are parking spaces next to mailboxes on a corner of Alabama and Dallas. Welcome!

For any clarifications call Yelena 720-690-1011.



Joy. Power. Passion. Divine Feminine. 

The quality of the energy of the Magdalena energy session was magnificent. I was immediately aware of the sheer power and presence of Mary Magdalena and her healing energy. The hour of joy and warmth activated a totally new energy in all of my chakras and physical body. I can't wait for the next session!!!! ~ Lindsay

Energy healing sessions have became an essence to my health. I can’t even put it to words it’s just something that you don’t know you need till you try it. It totally uplifts your mindset and you as a whole. Incredible experience I wish everyone had the opportunity to try it at least once. ~ Pauline

Mary Magdalena Energy Healing session is a short journey but one of the kind in its uniqueness. After the experience I had, my body (mostly it was upper body: a jaw, eyes, a neck, shoulders) and mind were relaxed. Moreover, I laughed more, and I was more present. ~ Ekaterina

I had my first Magdelena healing session with Yelena on February 3, 2020. I got off the table and sat in a chair, and wept.  Wept at the experience of love and acceptance, and wept at feeling like I could stop running and looking.As a trauma survivor, I've always moved a lot, and for everything except my business including housing, relationships, even addiction, always had one foot out the door. Suddenly, the tender power of the Magdalena session had me feel safe. Until that moment, I spent 32 years smoking cigarettes and "tried" everything to quit.  After that session I never had the desire or craving to pick up a cigarette ever again. I'm writing this 49 days later and am proudly and humbly smoke free. 
As a trauma survivor I've had PTSD for many years, and the accompanying insomnia. The wind, or a car door, or a dog barking would all wake me up and I could never fall back asleep.Trying everything from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, to EMDR and earplugs just so I could just sleep.   In the last month, the fear, the hyper-vigilance, and the insomnia has faded. I've slept the best I have in years, and am actually losing wrinkles.  
Each session I have is different, and each session heals something and also prepares me for something coming into my life. ~ R

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