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Nexus Infinity (NXI) is a Quantum Biofeedback Sound Frequency Device which provides an approach to energetic balancing intended to improve health and vitality based on principles of BioIntelligence. The NXI provides acoustic /electromagnetic energies tailored to enhance vitality. 


This is a novel therapy that is a form of autonomic biofeedback that merely requires one to rest comfortably during the session. The signals are fed to powerful magnets in which the frequencies are optimized using a biofeedback mechanism whereby all frequencies are systematically sent to the body, which are then absorbed and returned via external Human Body Interface recording systems providing feedback and tuning of the signal. 


Each session can work with the physical, spiritual and energetic. The device itself comes with hundreds of different specific frequencies to support organs, cells, disease management, pain, viruses, fungi, bacteria, energy, chakras and much, much more!

Nexus Infinity 3 Sessions Bundle

450.00$ Regular Price
399.00$Sale Price
  • 24 hours cancellation policy. Session is not refundable if it's rescheduled to another day or cancelled within 24 hours before the session. Thank you!

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