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Using her personal life experience and profound spiritual practice, Yelena offers deep transformational work and teaching that guide to a place of self-empowerment, mental clarity, emotional stability, inspiration, vibrant health, deeper alignment with one's Self and sense of direction to create your relationships and Life with meaning, love and satisfaction.


Yelena starts working by offering free 10 min initial consultation.

Each session is $110/1 hour one on one coaching weekly/biweekly, once a three weeks or once a month with Yelena in person, on a phone, or Skype/Facetime. 

Yelena is working with all ages starting with 12 years old.

Personal Coaching Session with Yelena

  • Session can be transfered to a different person. 24 hours cancelation policy. Cancelation fee is $77. For transferring and/or scheduling please contact

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