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Leaving the pain behind

Last week I went to Vegas Stilleto fitness, which is an amazing two hours ladies night out where we learned a sassy dance in high heels. We practiced steps at the beginning of the evening and by the end we danced the entire dance.

At the part of learning the dance my left foot started to hurt and the pain completely took over my mind. Did I care about dancing anymore? Did I enjoy it? Was I fully present at that moment? The answers are obviously NO; my thoughts were fully on my foot.

I was fully projecting a painful end of that evening: I was planning on being the first one to take my shoes off after the dance.

I noticed how contracted my body had become trying to protect the foot and the resistance created even more pain. The old adage of “whatever we resist persists” was certainly true in this situation. I was resisting my emotional terror thinking about an unbearable next day at work being on my feet as well as the physical pain.

This was not the first time I had experienced terror. I’ve experienced terror throughout my entire life but was not consciously aware of this limiting pattern. I needed to fully relax the body and welcome the fear into my heart just as a crying child wants to be held. It only took a moment to become aware of the resistance and release it but after that moment the pain and the terror were gone. I was able to fully enjoy myself and didn’t take off my high heels until I got home.

A day later remembering this situation, I became even more aware how often the resistance to the pain or fear can control and even damage my life. The pain in my physical body and the emotional terror were the same. It’s just the pain in the body got my attention immediately whereas the emotional pain hid behind negative limiting patterns that I am used to holding on from my past.

How often are you holding on to something painful from the far or recent past that is not obvious, hoping that it will go away?

Do you find that the more you feed and resist these hurtful memories the more they chase you unescapably?

Becoming aware of the physical or emotional fear-based patterns is the first step in transforming them. Consistency and practice will bring liberation.

A deep work on limiting and liberating patterns of personality can be done right now through personal coaching sessions that I offer.

This is your time!

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