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Practicing effortlessness

On June 12th we celebrated my son's Emil 6th birthday by biking and hiking at a gorgeous canyon. Emil was biking a lot for the first times without training wheels. I witnessed miraculous passion from him while he was biking. No falls were keeping him back. He wanted to be in front of everyone and he paddled hard for that. He looked very happy and on a mission to ride as far as he could. I call it being PASSIONATE!

When we all came back home (I, my husband, grandpa and Emil), everyone started to work on unloading the car, unpacking and putting things away. And I could sense everyone's state of being nourished, satisfied, encouraged and inspired. Then Emil immediately went to look at his new gifts. He found the toy which drew his interest the most and the rest of the evening he was putting that toy together for the first time by himself so he could play with it. Next morning I noticed his enthusiasm to find the good time to play with the new toy again. I call it being FOCUSED!

Passion leads to clarity, clarity activates inner focus and then discipline is necessary to keep yourself focused. This creates miracles. And the fact is, when you are truly passionate in one sphere of life, the passion spreads their wings to every sphere of life. It's contagious! This is what creates laughter, happiness, joy, satisfaction and effortlessness being in the flow of creation, the flow of life!

My question is, how often do we forget to play like a 6 years old? What happens along the growing years that we lose our passion? How often are teenagers talking about sadness and depression? And adults about being exhausted and stressed?

Where is the home of inspiration? Isn't it inside of us? We can choose to experience the passion consciously.

How can we access and ignite the passion?

I'm offering workshops, personal coaching and energy work sessions where you can dig deep inside of you, find the strength and fire up your "wheels" of passion which are waiting to be spun!

I invite you to register and spend precious time with yourself and/or small group of like minded people.

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