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Why to Meditate?

It's only during meditation that you see your own inner Light shine brighter and brighter. Through meditation all limitations vanish. ~ Sai Maa

  • Meditation is one of the most effective practices to experience and rediscover who we truly are.

  • Meditation allows us to redirect our focus within and experience the stillness, peace and joy that is our natural state.

  • Meditation trains the mind to turn within and re-discover the Self.

  • Meditation is a practice to move beyond the activity of the mind, witnessing thoughts and not focusing on them.

  • Meditation is a practice that enriches our lives, improves and rejuvenates our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

  • Meditation includesusing methods of concentration and visualization to purify, illuminate, and divinize our thoughts, feelings, personality and matter... read more

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